Kahuna was founded in 1999 on the back of midstream energy storage and processing facilities. Since its inception, Kahuna has successfully expanded from primarily an energy process, mechanical and electrical engineering consulting firm to include civil and structural engineering, land development, spatial technologies and advanced modeling expertise. Kahuna has grown from a one-person company in 1999 to a firm that now includes 130 engineers, drafters/ designers, construction managers and field representatives. In 2016, Kahuna was selected by the Denver Business Journal as one of the top 5 best places to work for a large company in Denver.

The Kahuna Spatial Technologies and Advanced Modeling Division was initiated in 2013 when Kahuna was contracted to relocate a 1,300 GPM Amine Plant from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Orla, Texas. Kahuna has scanned multiple facilities from 130+ acre sites to single equipment retrofits. Kahuna’s STAM management team has presented at the National iCAS Conference for Geospatial Modeling and partnered with Leica on training their clients how to effectively utilize the software. Kahuna has further developed software for point cloud modeling resulting in more advanced and detailed designs.

Data collection is the underlying foundation to accurately design, As-Build and expand upon quality projects. The Kahuna Spatial Technologies and Advanced Modeling Team is a highly effective and experienced group of professionals that includes designers and field representatives who specialize in data collection utilizing the latest technologies within the LiDAR industry. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and integrity of our exceptional staff. Each individual takes ownership and is accountable for our client's project needs, maintaining an active role from project inception to completion. Because of our client-driven focus we provide a high level of professional expertise and service in addition to the flexibility to think outside the box.


Laser Scanning is a ground-based method of gathering LiDAR (light detection and ranging) data. Kahuna’s Spatial Technologies and Modeling Division utilizes technology that is accurate within a 1/8th of an inch at 50 feet with a maximum scan range of 900 feet.  This data generates a digital point cloud (hundreds of millions of accurately measured data points) of the facility or terrain scanned, it is useful in a myriad of different markets and facility applications. Laser scanning is not a conventional survey and it does not have an associated GPS (global positioning system).  Laser scanning data can either work in conjunction with conventional survey methods to produce data that will have real world coordinates (latitude, longitude and elevation) or it can work off a plant coordinate system. Kahuna utilizes Cyclone Software to produce and manipulate highly accurate data. Kahuna has the ability to export data to the platform of your choice.


Kahuna's Spatial Technologies and Advanced Modeling Division offers full-service data collection and 3D modeling services utilizing the latest advancements in land based LiDAR. With LiDAR and Leica technologies, we are able to reverse engineer facilities using point cloud data, point cloud models, high definition orthophotos and advanced terrain models. Whether you're looking to construct from greenfield, relocate, renovate, expand, need as-builts of existing facilities, or would like the ability to 3 dimensionally walk through a facility with your operations team from your home office, our Spatial Technologies & Advanced Modeling Team can produce data, images and 3D models to meet your facility needs.

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